Defining Your Goals

10-year plan or flying by the seat of your pants, we help you to define and meet your goals.

Meeting Your Budget

We work with you to develop a plan of action that won't break the bank and will produce results.

Showing Your Value

Let's work together to ensure your message reaches the right people, leaving them ready to take action.

We see a need. A need for a marketing resource for small businesses, new entrepreneurs and non-profits. But, one that doesn't just offer a one-size fits all solution. Instead we work with you to figure out what you actually need, what you can do yourself, what we can help you with and how we can ensure that your budget stays intact.


From free and low-cost marketing workshops to one-on-one training, from value-based marketing strategies to content creation, we put our team of experts to work helping you make your vision reality.


McCord & Cargile Marketing Resources (MCMR) has moved forward with a new training program for High School and College students that will provide them with hands-on, customer-facing experience in marketing, communications, stakeholder management and process development.


This program is designed to allow participants to have real-world experience they can put on resumes, build their portfolios with and use in the job market. Interviews are happening now.


This is a work and train from home opportunity. An on-site option is available, however this program is designed to be remote.


If you are interested in applying please send us your name and contact information here.


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